06/15/2011 We are now back at our residence in Florida after enjoying three
months is the Bahamas on Kuhela
.  It was good to afloat once again and
dream of new adventures. New logs for the last part of our voyage are now
posted.   Please join us at this web site and share our continued adventures.

                                                 Phil & Mary Stephenson
(Pictures and Narratives of our Travels)
We would like to give special thanks to Roger
Stephenson (Phil's Brother) who each day
collects the current detailed weather information   
from the internet for our location and emails the
results to us onboard Kuhela.  It is difficult to
explain how important this information is in the
success of our voyages.  We look forward each
day to our email from the "Boerne Texas
Tropical Prediction Center"
The Weather
Logs have been converted to pdf files ... Each are about 3 to 4 mb ... more to
come .. enjoy